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​​A Moment in the Limelight:

Karen Phillips, LMHC

Here at Florida Psychological Associates, we are focused on

assisting our clients and pushing them to live their best lives.

In doing so, we thrive working behind the scenes and do as

much as we can show appreciation to all of our staff. This

is an exciting day on FPA Today because we are bringing

one of our outstanding therapists, Karen Phillips

into the limelight for a moment.

Karen graduated from the University of North Florida with a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. She has been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor since 2000 and has been practicing as a therapist for over 20 years. Karen has taken the time to answer a few questions about herself, get to know her below:

1. What is your favorite quote?
- "We are all formed of frailty and error.  Let us pardon, reciprocally each other’s follies." - Voltaire

2. Why did you become a therapist? 
- I became a therapist to better understand myself and others.

3. Describe yourself in 5 words. 
- Introverted, nurturing, creative, playful, and curious

4. Describe your perfect day.  

- Beautiful weather being in nature with coffee and people I love.

5. What makes you happy? 
- Gardening

​6. What you would say to yourself at age 13?  

- It gets better...

7. If you could choose another profession, what would it be?    

- I would be an Interior Designer or Professional Gardener

8. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
- Coffee!

9. What is one thing you could never live without?

- AC and Coffee

10. What is your favorite part about working for FPA? 
- My favorite part about working for FPA is the amazing growth promoting culture.

11. What is one thing that you want our readers to know about you?
- My approach to therapy is client centered and collaborative.


You will find Karen seeing her clients in at our office in Fernandina Beach during the week. If you have any questions, please email community@floridapsy.com.