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Elizabeth "Libby" Drury, ARNP 

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Master's Degree in Family & Community Health Nursing -  University of Massachusetts 

Advanced Program of Study, Clinician Nurse Specialist in Psychiatry Certification - Boston College
She has been licensed as an RN since 1979, working in public health, residential substance abuse treatment, and early intervention. As a family nurse practitioner, she worked as a primary care provider in community health and as a clinician in a school-based health center. Her experience working with teenagers inspired her to return to get a certification in Psychiatry. 

After finishing her Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner training, she spent time working in community mental health, doing psychotherapy, medication management and consulting with primary care providers. She has had experience working with the Integration Model of mental health and primary care. She was a psychiatric clinician in a college setting for 7 years.  Ms. Drury has also worked in inpatient care treating major mental illness, substance abuse, and mood disorders. 

Her philosophy of care is based on listening to the patient, treating the whole person, respecting the individual, involving the family in treatment when possible and engendering trust. 

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