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Alice has a Master's Degree from South University in Savannah. She interned at Savannah College of the Arts and Designs. She obtained her license and has been practicing since September 2013. Prior to finishing her Master's Degree, she wrote and established a program called "Say Yes to Life! Drug-Free!". It was a musical program written from the perspective of a recovering addict and her sister who grew up dealing with her sister's addiction to heroin. This program traveled across the United States (even to Alaska!) sharing stories and encouragement. After she finished this program, she worked for Affiliated Psychological Services in Yucca Valley, California for several years while obtaining her B.A. in psychology. The next position she held was at Lighthorse Healthcare then known as Lighthorse Psychiatry. Before moving to Fernandina Beach, Alice worked for the not-for-profit company of Coastal Counseling Center in St. Marys, GA. She also worked at St. Simon's By the Sea in the hospital environment during the weekends. 

Her favorite therapeutic theories are Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Integrative Therapy, Alderian, Virginia Satir's Communication approach, and Solution-focused therapy. 

Alice Williams, LMHC

Master of Mental Health Counseling,

South University