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Neuropsychological Evaluation

What is neuropsychological evaluation?

It is an evaluation of cognitive functioning (i.e. information processing) via the administration of neuropsychological tests. Neuropsychological assessment is recommended when someone has suffered a brain injury or is suspected of having a neurological disorder. As a result of the injury or disorder, the person may experience deficits in their thinking, memory, speech, personality, and other behaviors, which interferes with their normal daily life. Consequently, neuropsychological assessment can assist in evaluating the impact on a person's functioning as a result of injury or neurological disease and offer treatment recommendations to improve functioning.

When might someone need a neuropsychological evaluation?

When someone displays impairment in functioning that is significant enough to impact their daily life, a neuropsychological evaluation may be necessary. Some behaviors or symptoms that may indicate impairment are:

Memory loss

Attention and concentration problems

Difficulty organizing and planning •Increased impulsivity

Difficulty communicating

Difficulty writing or reading

Difficulty with multitasking

Disturbed thinking or confusion

Changes in visual and spatial skills

What areas of functioning are measured in a neuropsychological evaluation?


Problem solving

Planning and organization

Attention • Memory



Academic skills

Perceptual and motor abilities

Emotions, behavior, and personality

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