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Tell me what I’m thinking.”
“You must be a mind-reader.”
“You are probably diagnosing me right now.” 

If you do not have any experience in the 

health field, you might have said one of these things

at one time or another. You said it jokingly but

with a hint of truth. Within those statements lies

the very reason why we started a blog here at

Florida Psychological Associates. Mental health

professionals make people nervous. You might be intimidated by the idea of talking about your

thoughts and feelings.  That’s okay. 

So, we decided to come to you. In the most casual setting where we can freely share information with you. 

An Open Space
Everyone needs to have an outlet where people can freely share what is on their mind. We want to share with you about the new findings in our field of counseling and psychology, like new research studies that might reveal how we might change our lives for the better or cool techniques to improve how we communicate or cook might occasionally pop up on our blog. Our world is moving forward at an outstanding pace where information overload happens daily. We strive to be the top in our fields which involves staying current and we want to involve you in the process. We want to funnel the most relevant and useful information especially for you. 

Celebrate with Us
At our office, change and growth are a given and we want to share it with you! Florida Psychological Associates or as we affectionally call our office, FPA is consistently adding new services, new employees, and new experiences that you might want to learn about here on this blog. We care so much about this community of Nassau County. We love being partners with some amazing organizations and developing new relationships every day. Sharing our news and celebrating with you is something we are so excited about doing on our blog. 

A Positive Conversation 
In today’s world, there is so much negativity that pours out of the words “mental health.” We want to challenge the false notion that mental health services are abnormal, unnecessary, or bad. No one would fault you for going to the medical doctor. Why is going to a different kind of doctor deemed undesirable? Who doesn’t want someone to actively listen to them and genuinely want to ease their suffering? I know I want that.

1 in 5 people in America struggle with mental illness (SAMSHA Mental Health Findings 2015). Only 41% of people that currently have a mental health issue seek treatment (SAMSHA Mental Health Findings 2014). Having an open forum for a positive conversation is a powerful way to challenge the stigma against mental health. The more that people are open about the importance of mental health, the less mental health services will be considered taboo. Those that take the first step in seeking the help they need should be praised, not torn down. Together, we can be that change. 

Let’s get Social
Lastly, our 
goal is to give you interesting posts to boost your wealth of knowledge and interest in mental health. This goes hand in hand with starting and continuing the positive conversation about mental health. Our mental health affects our daily lives in every way. One of the focuses of FPA Today will be wellness of mind and body. This includes self-care, healthy eating, mindfulness, relaxation, and much more. In addition to our blog, we are also active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

We want to do life with you
Although we have many goals and aspirations for FPA Today, our focus is you. You are the reason we get up in the morning and go to work. We are waiting here for you whenever you are ready to take the first step, whether it is coming in for a counseling appointment, medication management, or an evaluation, we are excited for you and cannot wait to cheer you on during this process. Opening to the idea of mental health in a positive light might be difficult and strange. Do not worry, we are right beside you the whole way. We cannot wait to notify you of new advancements and elements of Florida Psychological Associates. FPA Today is a safe place to learn, ask questions, and share. This is a place to discover the importance of mental wellness and how it affects every part of life. We, at Florida Psychological Associates, are very excited to see where FPA Today takes us! 

Why does a Mental Health Provider have a Blog?