​​​​​​​​Florida Psychological Associates LLC

Medication Management

Medication management is the prescription,

administration, review of medications and their

side effects to assist in alleviating clients' mental

health challenges by a licensed psychiatric. In

addition to therapy, medication management

can decrease the intensity of negative mental

health symptoms. Using prescription psychiatric

medications comes with potential risks and side

effects. These are discussed prior to our psychiatrist

prescribing medication. Not all clients that struggle

with mental illness warrant medication

management. If your therapist recommends

medication management or if you think medication

might be helpful in your recovery, we will schedule

an informational appointment with our psychiatrist.

Our psychiatrist completes an intake assessment, then a diagnosis is made if the client meets criteria. If medication would be helpful in the client’s life, our psychiatrist discuss medication options, uses and side effects. Together, our psychiatrist and client agrees on the best treatment option. On a monthly basis, they meet to monitor the success of the medication. This determines if the current medication is meeting the goals of the psychiatrist and client. Every psychiatric medication reacts differently with every individual. This is the reason why we require monthly appointments with our psychiatrist. Through careful monitoring and on-going discussion, we will find the right medication and treatment plan to improve the client’s mental health.

**At Florida Psychological Associates, to be a client of our psychiatrist, Dr. Davis, or psychiatric nurse practitioner, Casey Goss, you must see one of our therapists at least once a month. FPA's mission is to use medication as a tool for therapy clients only.**