​​​​​​​​Florida Psychological Associates LLC

Teen Counseling

Adolescents face struggles that many of us went through when we were teens. In today’s world, however, the influences in their immediate world are very different. That fact may make the usual teen angst more magnified. What do adolescents deal with? Identity struggles, extreme peer pressure, fitting in, the pull towards independence and push for guidance, and decision-making without considering the consequences are a few of them.

We work with issues of anxiety and depression, defiance and power struggles, anger, and lack of respect. Our clients learn to cope with death, abuse, moving, trauma, and illness. Divorce, stepparent issues, blended family problems, and general problem behaviors are all part of many adolescents’ lives and we work with all of these issues.

The goal for teens include learning to set boundaries, replacing negative self-talk with more realistic self-talk, learning good communication skills, controlling their behaviors, and learning to cope without feeling confused or too overwhelmed.

Depending on the problems each teen presents, we like to use a variety of approaches and therapies. We use Cognitive-Behavioral, Family therapy, and Interpersonal therapy.